WATT Tool Download Area

The latest  version of the software can be downloaded from here.

Note: Before the Microsoft Excel software will run, you will be asked  to  authorise Macros and Data links – this will be automatically prompted by Excel on opening the file. How this is achieved varies between versions of Excel, and will be a simple one or two step process to accept and is only required on the initial use of the spreadsheet. The tool will not operate correctly  without this authorisation granted.

  v2.0 Production release, including Documentation.    ( 32 Bit Excel only )
7.7Mb  27Aug19
  v2.1 Production release, including Documentation.     (32 Bit and  64 Bit Excel supported. Replaces v2.0
7.7Mb  22Sept19
  v2.2 Production release, including Documentation.    Minor Map improvements and bug fixes.
7.8Mb  26Sept19

v2.3 Production release, including documentation.     Snapshot feature added and minor bug fixes.
8.2Mb 22Oct19

V3.0 Production release.  Also loaded into Github: GM4EAU-WSPR-Reporting-Tool. All Excel VBA source code now available with this release. Minor XPS13 graphics bug fixed. Documentation and screenshots updated.
8.4Mb  22Dec21