WATT Tool Version Status

This information is also available within the WATT tool – an alternative way to check for new updates.

WATT WSPR Analysis tool

Version Date Size Details
V 0.9 Nov18 8 Mb Initial limited release after beta testing.
V 1.3 Mar 19 9 Mb Early limited test release.
V 2.0 28Aug19 7.7 Mb Production release plus documentation. 
32 bit Excel version.
V 2.1 22Aug19 7.7 Mb Production release plus documentation. 
32 and 64 bit Excel version.
V 2.2 26Aug19 7.8 Mb Production release, including documentation.    Improved performance on Map display
V 2.3 22Oct 19 8.2Mb Production release, including documentation.     Data Snapshot feature added, Minor bug fixes.  Latest version.
V3.0 22Dec21 8.4Mb Production release.  Also loaded into Github: GM4EAU-WSPR-Reporting-Tool. All Excel VBA source code now available with this release. Minor XPS13 graphics bug fixed. Documentation and screenshots updated.